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Your partner for fire protection

Are you looking for a fire protection adviser, instructor or trainer for your  company or institution? Safe-Train your safety partner will help you!

Who are we?

Safe-Train is a young and dynamic company, active in the fire protection and first aid sector. With employees who accumulated years of experience in the fire protection sector we have a unique combination of knowledge and experience.


Safe-Train advises you for your building plans at fire safety level. After thorough audit and consultation with the competent authorities this advice is implemented in practice.

Fire safety: everyone's business

Well trained employees can prevent that a small fire turns into a true disaster.
Investing in appropriate fire protection results in a positive safety climate.


Safety is the core business for Safe-Train, with Safe-Train you can fully enjoy entertainment and organise events carefree and in complete safety.

Evacuation, emergency and intervention plans

Safe-Train helps you creating evacuation, intervention and emergency plans. The valid regulations and advice of the public fire brigade are taken into account.


The range of training courses provided by Safe-Train was designed to teach your personnel how to act appropriately in case of fire.
Training courses can be provided at the customer's premises on request. Safe-Train has mobile training units for that purpose.

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Fire extinguishers

SAFE TRAIN - Wachtebeke - Blusmiddelen
Fire extinguishers are available both in liquid and gas versions.


SAFE TRAIN - Wachtebeke - Evenementen
Organising an event in full safety? That's possible!
SAFE TRAIN - Wachtebeke - Evenementen
SAFE TRAIN, Akkerstraat 19, 9185 Wachtebeke, BelgiŽ, Stratenplan , Tel.: 093/28 36 99, Gsm: 0476/74 28 21, Fax: 092/85 92 77,